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»Imagine lightweight density of aluminium, but mechanical properties comparable to steel!«

»Imagine lightweight density of aluminium, but mechanical properties comparable to steel!«

Video showing the making of the QC Alloy

Project relevance__

High tech materials

As a response to growing pressure on decreasing aluminium alloy weight, CastQC aims to produce a novel aluminium alloy – QC Alloy that directly contributes to CO2 reductions in the manufacturing process. The novel alloy will mimic stell-like characteristics while maintaining the light-weight of aluminium.

  • 10% weight reduction in an ICE vehicle results in 6-8% reduction in fuel consumption

  • 100 kg of weight reduction reduces fuel consumption by 0.3 to 0.5 L/100 km

  • QC Alloy enables up to 30% weight reduction compared to existing aluminium alloys (DIN226)


What are we developing

CastQC project is funded by the EIT Raw Materials Innovation Community. A partnership of 6 industrial and academic partners, led by Iskra ISD will in the course of the 2 year project:

  • Develop and test a novel QC Alloy with the goal to produce an Aluminium alloy with up to 30% weight reduction;

  • Aim to develop the technician know how that will reduce CO2 emissions up to 20%, over the whole aluminium production chain;
  • Engage a broad audience of industry and academic specialist in order to validate and promote the QC Alloy.



QC Alloys_________

Quasicrystalline alloys are a type of metallic material that exhibit quasicrystalline behavior. In a quasicrystal, the atoms are arranged in a pattern that is aperiodic, meaning it does not repeat itself in any direction. This is in contrast to a traditional crystal, in which the atoms are arranged in a repeating pattern. Quasicrystalline alloys are typically composed of multiple metallic elements and are characterized by their high strength and excellent wear resistance. They are also highly resistant to thermal and mechanical stress, making them useful in a variety of industrial applications.


Information about the project

Full name of the project: A novel cast ultra-high-specific strength quasicrystal aluminium alloy

Duration: 2 years


Planting the seeds

Industrial and academic partners are encouraging students to seek out and tackle new challenges, by working on real-life problems this will help them to develop their skills and open new horizons for their careers. As Robert Louis Stevenson said,

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

The CastQC project is helping students to plant the seeds for a successful future.

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CastQC is an EIT Raw Materials UPSCALING PROJECT